Leading the pack with Endurance swimming

30 December 2019 News, Other
E1000 and E500

Endurance swimming has always been Campbelltown’s strength - and in 2019 we have lead both NSW and Australian masters swimming in introducing the E500 program. Everybody has been watching us…

So, how did we go? Last year our average-points-per-swimmer total was 433, a year in which we achieved our 19th consecutive NSW Endurance Swimming Trophy. Here’s hoping for our 20th as our points total in 2019 has just been announced…. 458 average per swimmer!

The E500 challenge was accepted by about half of all club members, with five completing the program - Linda Beveridge, Helga Duncan, Lesley Thompson, Kerry Tier, Janette Towell - congratulations!

Eleven others polished off the E1000 program: Diane Baker, Suzie Haddad*, Greg Jacques*, Lesley Keogh*, Russell McLeod*, Jim Pelosa*, Hans Preiss, Lindsay Risk, Heather Rouen*, Lexie Rouen and Owen Sinden*, seven of them scoring *maximum points.

Congratulations everyone on a wonderful effort. We are pleased to announce that, after all your hard work, you can have the rest of the year off. See you poolside in the new year 🙂

Owen and Lindsay