Questions and Answers

18 years of age and over.
No not at all, several of our club swimmers were barely able to complete 25 metres when they joined but over time improved to become strong confident swimmers.

We swim on Sunday mornings at the Gordon Fetterplace Aquatic Centre at Bradbury, getting there at 7:15am for a 7:30am start.

We also swim on Wednesdays from 11:00am to 1:00pm which suits swimmers who are unable to make the Sunday swims.

Yes we do, in the cooler months we swim in the indoor heated pool, while the main outside pool is closed.
Yes, absolutely, we have a very active social aspect to the club with various activities that you may like. Some of the activities include walks along Sydney harbour, birthday functions just about every week. We attend music shows. The ladies like getting together occasionally for “High Tea”. We attend plays and theatre regularly.
Yes, you can as there are various forms of membership which allow you to enjoy our social activities if that is your interest.

Yes we do, our swim programme includes swims from 400 to 1500 metres. We also have half hour, three quarter hour and one-hour swims. It is a great way to develop your aerobic capacity and train for long ocean swims.

Masters NSW hold ocean/harbour swims through the coastal swimming clubs and being a member you will be eligible to enter.

Yes, absolutely! We currently have a tri-athlete who swims with us so that she can focus and strengthen her swimming leg.

We suggest that you bring swimming googles and a reasonably tight fitting costume, but as you get more into the swimming, you may want to invest in swim fins (flippers), hand paddles and a kick board.

Yes, we do. We have several members who regularly compete as they find this is a great outlet for their competitive spirit. We carpool where possible to events around NSW and enter Nationals which are held in different states each year. We have very keen members who have successfully competed at World Masters events. So if competition is your thing then you are in good company.
The joining fee is $90.00 the fee breakup is as follows:
  • $42.00 goes to Masters Australia
  • $33.00 goes to Masters NSW
  • $15.00 goes to Campbelltown Masters
No, you don’t. There is no doubt that swimming will make you fit over time, it is well recognised that swimming improves the quality of life for all.