Blacktown BPS 2024

17 March 2024 Carnival, News

On Saturday 24th February, 7 of our members attended the Blacktown meet. Thank you to Kelly for coming along and supporting us even though she wasn’t feeling well. Very much appreciated.

As a club we finished 10th overall and came 2nd on the average points by 0.49. Huge effort.

Highlight of the day was our 4 x 100 Mixed Freestyle relay beating our friends at Blacktown on the wall and taking the win. This relay consisted of: Belinda, Owen, Suzie and Grant, all swimming PBs in their respective swim legs to ultimately get the win. 

Individual age group results were:

  • Grant -equal 2nd
  • Owen 3rd
  • Russell 4th
  • Belinda- equal 1st
  • Suzie 3rd
  • Laura 4th
Blacktown BPS 24/2/24