Top NSW Swimmers and the Port Macquarie 2023 meet

2 December 2023 Carnival, News
Port Macquarie Team 2023
Top 3 swimmers in NSW 2023

Over the weekend (18th-19th November 2023) we had a small contingent from Campbelltown head up the mid north coast to swim at the last BPS meet of the year at Port Macquarie. Lots of fun was had.

We came 6th in overall points and finished 2nd in the average points (behind Blacktown).

Individual results were:

  • Grant 2nd
  • Jim P 1st
  • Russell 2nd
  • Kelly 1st
  • Belinda 1st
  • Suzie 1st
  • Annie 1st

Being the last BPS meet of the year, the final results have been made official and we had an unheard of 4 swimmers in the top 10 overall swimmers in NSW  This is an outstanding  achievement. 

Congratulations to Kelly 1st, Belinda 2nd, Suzie 3rd and Grant 6th (each also winning their respective age group).

A special mention to Joanna, Jason, Owen and Russell who all finished within the top 5 in their respective age groups.