MS NSW State Championships – Woy Woy 2023

17 October 2023 Carnival, News
MS NSW State Championships Woy Woy 2023 Day 1 team
MS NSW State Championships Woy Woy 2023 Day 2 team

Over the weekend (15th-16th October 2023) we had 8 of our club members head up to Woy Woy to participate in the MS NSW State Championships. It was a fun weekend of racing, seeing many PBs swam and medals won.

Our members were: Kelly, Nicole, Suzie, Victor, Joanna, Belinda, Grant and Owen.

As a club we finished 10th in Division 1. We should be super proud of our efforts and only having  8 swimmers and going up against the bigger clubs like Warringah, Blacktown and Manly (which had more than double our numbers racing) and finishing 10th is awesome.

Unfortunately we couldn’t be in the running to win the average points as we needed to have 10 swimmers. (even through Owen calculated it and we could have been at the top…)

Individual results were:

  • Kelly – 5 Gold medals
  • Nicole – 4 Silver Medals
  • Suzie – 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal
  • Victor – 1 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal
  • Joanna- 5 Gold Medals
  • Belinda – 5 Gold Medals
  • Grant – 4 Silver Medals
  • Owen – 1 Gold and 2 Silver Medals

Our 72+ relay team won Gold in  both the 4 x 50m Freestyle and 4 x 50m IM Relay.

The team consisting of: Kelly, Nicole, Joanna and Belinda.

Our 200+ relay team won Silver in the 4 x 50m Mixed Freestyle relay. The team consisting of: Belinda, Owen, Suzie and Grant.

Thank you to our supporters for coming along on Saturday and Sunday to support us. It really means a lot. Thank you Fiona, Scott, Daniel, Indra and Amy 🙂 

Belinda has created a video on our socials that you can review which shows the fun weekend that was had.

I am truly grateful for the wonderful club we have. It was so heart warming to hear other swimmers say how “happy and positive” our club is.