Seaside Pirates on a Sunday

20 June 2022 Carnival, News

On Sunday 19th June after our club swim, 8 of our members attended the Seaside Pirate Meet at Knox Grammar. They were: Kelly, Julia, Belinda, Christine, Owen, Kim, Russell and Suzie.

Our club finished 5th on total points, missing the 4th spot by only 1 point. On average points we finished 4th missing the 3rd podium spot by 0.12 points. The efforts of each club member was enormous as demonstrated by the results.

All our members finished in good places for their age groups. Owen 3rd, Kim 5th, Russell 8th, Kelly 1st, Belinda 1st, Suzie equal 1st, Christine 3rd, Julia 2nd. Well done!!

The ladies IM relay team consisting of Julia, Chris, Bel and Kelly came away with a 1st place in the relay.

Seaside Pirates 2022