You should have been there

14 December 2020 Social

Today we had a 2/4/8 at the pool and one had to only swim two of these distances. With the end of the year only two swimming weeks away many members chose to do some hard swims to finish their programs for the year. Myself I did an 800IM followed by a 400Fly and so did Hans. A pretty good day with Suzie and the girls singing carols and generally being great company while we got on with swimming.

Leaving the pool we were off to Annie’s for our traditional end of year party. This was held outdoors under cover and went very well, we had lots of food, the steak’s were hot and the salads delicious, all handled in the most appropriate ways. Annie and Doug had organised the day with hand sanitiser and wipes and paper towels and gloves and lots of single use implements and no more than 10 per table. We did it all so easily, these practices seem to have become second nature to us all now, the norm as they say. I hope that covid19 has changed us forever in this way. A big thank you to Doug and Annie for the day.