State and National Results for 2020

28 January 2021 News, Other

Last year 2020 was quite a journey for every club including ours. I know that I was quickly missing the feel and rush that a swim gave to me. We pushed hard to get back into the water, and when we did we took off to capture the lost time in the pool. Several members excelled in their efforts for the rest of the year confident in what we were doing as a club. The results for the year show us clearly how we went.

  • State figures for total points achieved for a club, NCT 13428 points making us No 1 first place in state
  • State figures for average points per member, 394.94 points making us No1 first place in state
  • Number of members completing all swims in the Masters calendar is 7
  • Number of members completing all swims in the Club E500 calendar is 4
  • Clubs figures at national level, NCT 13428 points No1 first place in Australia.

You can imagine how happy I am for our club. A good club will only wither and die if good men and women do nothing. From our results this is not us, we believe in ourselves, in what we can do, and the future.

From The President