Presentation day for the COVID year (2020) … held 14th March 2021

27 March 2021 News, Other

On the 14th March 2021, Jim and Joy generously hosted the clubs Annual Presentation Day for the COVID year (2020).

There were as usual many, many, worthy recipients of awards. And numerous that have been held year upon year. 

Thanks to COVID-19 the year of 2020 had been a hard one for many, but we as a club managed to pull together and encourage one another. Making the most of the time that the pools were open during the year to complete as many swims as possible. The results speak for themselves, there were many dedicated members who still managed to power through and complete the E1000 or E500 program. 

The introduction of Wednesday club days as part of the attendance points, for those who missed a Sunday, consequently meant that the attendance point score was very close, in fact for the first time ever there was a 3 way tie for first.

And the 2020 Awards Are...

Jim Pelosa – 39 weeks
Russell Mcleod – 39 weeks
Suzie Haddad – 39 weeks

Carnival Attendance
Suzie Haddad – 20 points

Club Spirit
Greg Jacques

Brian Sutton

Jim Pelosa

Total Points
Suzie Haddad

E1000 Endurance
Max Points (1005) and Max Swims (62)

Suzie Haddad
Greg Jacques
Russell McLeod
Jim Pelosa
Heather Rouen
Owen Sinden

E1000 Endurance Max Swims (62)
Hans Preiss

E500 Endurance
Max Points (708) and Max Swims (56)

Helga Duncan

E500 Endurance Max Swims (56)
Jim Willis
Laura Lawrence
Diane Baker


One point is awarded for each week of attendance at at either our Sunday or Wednesday swims. Usually with a maximum of 52 points for 52 weeks, except in 2020 when the pools were closed for several months due to COVID-19. The introduction of Wednesday swims into the attendance point score made for a very competitive result. In 2020 it was a 3 way tie for first:

  • 1st Jim Pelosa with 39
  • 1st Russell Mcleod with 39
  • 1st Suzie Haddad with 39

Hot on their heals was Greg Jacques only 1 point behind on 38, and Jim Willis only more points behind on 37.

Carnival Attendance

Last year the COVID virus caused a very disruptive season regarding carnivals. There were 3 early ones plus on in New Zealand, then a handful at the end. Many members didn’t attend the latter for COVID and other reasons.

Just outside the placegetters was Jim Pelosa with 12 points.

All placegetetrs have been involved in international carnivals in recent years.

  • 1st place attending 6 carnivals, with 20 points, for the 1st time was Suzie Haddad
  • 2nd place attending 4 carnivals with 16 points was Brian Sutton
  • In equal 3rd place with 14 points each was Annie Cooke attending 5 carnivals and Lindsay Risk attending 4 carnivals

Club Spirit

This is voted upon by all members attending the AGM.

It is for the person deemed to have made a big commitment to the club throughout the year in many areas.

For 2020 the Club Spirit Award goes to Greg Jacques

With a lot of spade work behind the scenes Greg helped get our club back into the water. He Has been involved in our Bunnings BBQs, getting a lot of the equipment and being on deck all day. Greg has brought the club up to date administration-wise ensuring the club runs smoothly. Besides settling many disputes and trying to keep people happy. Greg is the clear recipient this year.

Encouragement/Courage Award

This is the 8th year of awarding this trophy and plaque. It is awarded only if a swimmer meets certain criteria.

The criteria for the award is:

  • A swimmer who has successfully attempted to swim distances of a stroke beyond what they could do at the start of the season.
    AND /OR
  • A swimmer who has successfully attempted to swim another stroke that they initially couldn’t do and over several distances.
  • Could also apply to someone who through misadventure or illness or a long absence from swimming is attempting to regain their swimming expertise.

It is voted upon by approximately 5 committee club members.

In 2020 the committee came up with 5 worthy applicants and examined the performances of each. Among them were Cristan Prain, Joanne Archer, Janette Towell and Jim Willis. Each managed to extend their distance or time swum, some up to an hour. Each tackled multiple strokes including butterfly.

However, the committee settled on a member who is just making club history by swimming. Venturing past 400m in freestyle, backstroke and breastroke, tackling 100m medley successfully. Various medical conditions disrupted regular swimming often. The winner is our senior citizen with a funny accent, the Encouragement Award for 2020 goes to Brian Sutton.

E1000 Endurance

There are 62 swims involved in the E1000. They include 5 x 400s of Free, Back, Breast, Fly and IM, also 5 x 800s in those strokes. Plus 1500m, half hour, three quarter hour and one hour each of Free, Back and Breast

For each of the distances and strokes there are times/distances assigned for each gender and age group resulting in the allocation of points for each swim completed. So it is possible to complete all 62 swims but not necessarily achieve the maximum 1005 points.

The points earned from this program goes towards the National Endurance Trophy each year. An honourable mention goes to Hans Preiss with 967, Jim Willis (805), Helga (700), and Laura Lawrence (608) who scored high points for the club, and to Alexandra Rouen with 54 swims and Jim Willis with 45 swims.

E1000 Max 62 swims, Max 1005 points
Suzie Haddad (2nd time)
Greg Jacques (2nd time)
Heather Rouen (14th time)
Owen Sinden (14th time)
Russell McLeod (16th time)
Jim Pelosa (17th time, the new top score)

E1000 Max 62 swims
Hans Preiss

E500 Endurance

2020 was the second year for the E500 Endurance award. The E500 was a new initiative of Campbelltown Masters to try and provide a competition and goals for those unable to compete in the Masters E1000 aerobic program. It has proven a huge success with many members chooing to take up the challenge.

There are 56 swims involved. They include 8 x 200s, 8 x 400s and 8 x 800s of two different form strokes. Plus 1500m, half hour, three quarter hour and one hour each of the 2 chosen strokes. It is up to the individual to choose their preferred strokes from Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. Similar to the E1000 program, a set of times/distances were assigned for each gender and age group resulting in the allocation of points for each swim completed. A maximum of 708 points is possible.

In addition the club also introduced an assisted category, so that people who are unable to swim without the aid of fins or snorkel etc can still be included in the program.

E500 Max 56 swims, Max 708 points
Helga Duncan for the 2nd time

E500 Max 56 swims
Jim Willis
Laura Lawrence
Diane Baker
Cristian Prain


This award goes to the person accumulating the most points by establishing and improving their times in club swims.

  • 1st Jim Pelosa with 70 points (for the 13th time)
  • 2nd Suzie Haddad with 66 points
  • 3rd Jim Willis with 65 points

Overall Total Points Score

This award encompasses all of the points accumulated throughout the year. Points for club attendances, carnival attendances, number of swims, improving and winning handicap races.

  • 1st with 315 points Suzie Haddad
  • 2nd with 300 points Jim Pelosa
  • 3rd with 284 points Jim Willis