Campbelltown Masters Scoops the Pool Again for 2020

18 May 2021 News, Other

And the MSNSW 2020 Awards Are...

Club Administration Award
Gregory Jacques
2020 Club President

2020 Club Administration Award

National Aerobics Trophy
Campbelltown Collegians AUSSI Masters
Swimming Club

2020 National Aerobics Trophy

The MSNSW AGM was held on the 15th May 2021. Yet again Cammpbelltown Masters scooped the pool, receiving two major awards. Greg Jacques receiving the well deserved Club Administration Award for 2020 and the club receiving the National Aerobics Trophy for the 20th year.

Without a doubt both Greg and the club gave it their all last year. Following is an excerpt from the nomination submitted for Greg’s Administration Award. You can also download and read the complete nomination for the MSNSW Administrator Award 2020.

Behind the facade of endurance swimming success was an undertone of quite significant loss. How does a club manage the effects of COVID and the death of a cherished club member, with the determination, urge and struggle of a club to compete in endurance swimming, that singular activity that is Campbelltown’s forte? Plus conducting our regular Sunday morning swim meets? And the occasional social activity? And attracting several new club members? All in a tightly-controlled COVID situation that over-rules our lives? We all stepped up. One person, however, was the inspiration for our club’s survival and success in such testing, difficult circumstances. Who?

The answer is in two words: Gregory Jacques.

Gregory Jacques – Administration in Summary – 2020

  • Club President, with all the responsibilities that the position suggests and, as the year wore on, with the mountain of responsibilities massed upon him.
  • Meet Director for the Campbelltown BPS carnival
  • Took full responsibility for all things COVID-related. With the safety of club members paramount and with countless contacts with government, Greg developed our club’s COVID-safe protocols
  • Being the cornerstone of the club after Lindsay Risk’s death. This was perhaps Greg’s biggest – and most difficult – contribution to the club in 2020. During the saddest time in the club for over a decade, made more difficult with lockdowns, Greg was the glue that kept us together and the lubrication to get and keep us active.
  • With the club’s welfare officer, Greg was the major support for members welfare, including visits whenever possible and phone calls, and assisted with the organisation of the club’s Zoom meetings
  • The club’s constitution was brought up-to-date (more accurately it was almost completely rewritten) by Greg during and after lockdown, not only ensuring a smoother-running club but also guaranteeing continuity for the future
  • Worked with Campbelltown City Council (and sometimes against CCC) to get the pool reopened and to ensure allocation of lanes for our club’s two weekly swim sessions
  • Huge encourager of club swimming participation, especially after lockdown, resulting in the club’s 21st consecutive NSW award for endurance swimming. Greg himself completed E 1000, scoring maximum points
  • Fundraising – in a difficult year, Greg liaised regularly with Bunnings in a successful attempt to reintroduce our fundraising activities, at which Greg spent the entire day each time and personally organising and transporting all equipment
  • Membership. Six years ago, Campbelltown Masters Swimming Club membership numbers hovered in the 25-30 range, but with an average age of about 65 years! We were an ageing club. Greg has been very pro-active in this area, promoting the club widely, resulting in a score of new (younger!) members, including about ten in the past 12 months. Of the club’s current list of 32 members, 16 have been recent recruitments, including 4 new members this year alone.
  • Developed the club’s 2021 Swim Program, completed COVID Infection e-Training course and completed Chief Timekeeping course

At the 2021 Campbelltown Collegians Masters Swimming Club’s AGM, Greg was voted winner of the ‘Club Spirit Award’ for 2020, a most meritorious recipient.

At all times during 2020, Greg Jacques has conducted himself with dignity and in a thoroughly professional manner, laced with copious amounts of good humour, all the time with a determination to improve the welfare and safety of members and help guarantee the longevity of the club itself.

2020 Club Administration Award
2020 Club Admin award - Greg