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Swim Tip #31 – Freestyle Drills

21 June 2019 Freestyle, Swim Tips, Training Drills

Here are some Freestyle drills, kindly provided by Anne Smyth one of the MSNSW Coaches. You can test them out during your training sessions. And only one drill requires extra equipment. Be warned though some are not elegant, especially the last one.

Here is a PDF copy of the Freestyle Drills, so you can download them for easy reference.

Drill Why? How
Sculling Improve catch/feel for water Pull buoy - small movements with hands - 6 sculls in front, 6 under chest, 6 flipper (end of stroke-elbows tucked into waist, alternate arms),6 doggy paddle-underwater recovery, then swim rest of 25 F/S.
Closed Fist Drill Improve catch/feel for water Swim 25 m closed fist, Rub hands at pool end on rough surface, then swim 25 normal. (increases feeling on surface area of hand - helps find 'feel' of the water)
Kicking on side Catch/body position 1 arm extended in front slightly under water, other by side, take breath, then head in water, kick.
*Maintain good posture and hand position in water to set up for catch

Maintaining high elbow underwater
As with kicking on side, kick for 6, stroke, change sides

As above but with 3 strokes, change sides
Pause Catch Catch
Improve entry
Get rid of dead spot
Swim F/S, before hand enters, pause slightly, then enter
Double Dip Catch
Improve entry
Get rid of dead spot
Swim F/S, hand enters water(dip in) , reverse hand to hip, then bring over and enter as normal
Finger-tip drag Relaxed recovery High elbows, drag fingers on water, imagine elbow is being pulled forward on a string
Almost catch up/accelerator drill Setting up stroke
Pull rhythm
Swim bringing hands over to almost touch atfront - Almost catch up -slow catch then accelerate your stroke though 2nd 1/2 of underwater pull phase
224 Catch, timing Stroke 2 on 1 side, 2 other, swim 4 strokes normal
6 kick Kick, lengthen stroke 6 kicks to every arm stroke - quick little kick, long slow arms
Unco Body rotation, timing 1 arm stroking, 1 arm by side, breathing to nonstroking side. Roll shoulder out and in as you breathe - then dip and stroke. Swim 25 1 side, 25 normal. Swap sides

Anne Smyth MSNSW Coaching Group