Dryland Training Routines

1 May 2020 News, Other

There are so many resources now available to guide swimmers with keeping fit during the Cornavirus lockdown that it can be almost overwhelming trying to find something that is just right for you and your circumstances. Here is a list of just a few different ones to look at.

Always remember, something is better than nothing, no matter what it is, just keeping moving.

And here is my current personal favourite YouTube video, if you have resistance bands to work with.

12 Exercises to Build Swim Strength and Stability (resistance band)

Why is it my favourite? Because it is specifically for swimmers, and it is setup so you get a quick demo of each exercise and then 30 seconds included for doing it. Along with tips as to what to watch out for to make sure you are doing it correctly and all with some catchy music. So it is like having your own personal trainer there with you.