And the winning club is …….

14 December 2019 News, Other

It is usually a well guarded secret, and the final carnival results are therefore yet to be published for 2019, but we can tell you this....

We have no idea yet who will be the winners in the Branch Point Score, but this is what we have so far. Don't hold us to it but it looks like at the end of Round 13 Campbelltown Masters were coming 5th in division 1.

1NOW Wett Ones9001
2NWG Warringah Masters7303
3NML Manly Masters5069
4NRY Ryde AUSSI Masters4364
5NCT Campbelltown Collegians3270
6NMT Maitland AUSSI Masters2749
7NBT Blacktown City Masters2593
8NNC Novocastrian Masters2420
9NSP Seaside Pirates2046
10NPM Port Macquarie Masters1826
11NMM Myall Masters1558
12NTN Tuggeranong Vikings AUSSI1431

Meets included in the Points Tally

19th Jan 2019NSW BPS - Round 1 - Campbelltown
9th Feb 2019NSW BPS - Round 2 - Myall
23rd Feb 2019NSW BPS - Round 3 - Merrylands
6th Apr 2019NSW BPS - Round 5 - Wett Ones
13th Apr 2019NSW BPS - Round 6 - Blacktown
25th May 2019NSW BPS - Round 7 - Ettalong
28th July 2019NSW BPS - Round 8 - Warringah
31st Aug 2019NSW BPS - Round 9 - Ryde
29th Sept 2019NSW BPS - Round 10 - Seaside Pirates
2nd Nov 2019NSW BPS - Round 11 - Port Macquarie
9th Nov 2019NSW BPS - Round 12 - Novocastrian
24th Nov 2019NSW BPS - Round 13 - Hills