Flying through the record books at Cessnock

20 March 2023 Carnival, News

On Saturday 18th March, 5 of our members headed up the F3 highway to the Cessnock meet. The members were: Kelly, Suzie, Belinda, Victor and Owen.

The highlight of the meet was definitely Kelly breaking the 1500FLY state record by 20mins! Yes you read that right.. 20mins. On the way through to the 1500 record she also broke the 800FLY record. Congratulations Kelly! Huge achievement.

As a team we were able to finish 9th overall and an impressive 2nd on average points. On average points we finished on 39.20 and the team that came 1st had 39.50 so it was very close..

Our team did exceptionally well with the following age group placings:
Kelly 1st
Belinda 1st
Suzie equal 1st
Owen 1st
Victor 9th

Congratulations Team!

Cessnock BPS 2023