Helpers are the lifeblood of the club

29 January 2019 News
How it’s done in Campbelltown Bryan Ferry sang the classic ‘Lets Stick Together’. So? So, that’s precisely what we do at Campbelltown Masters Swimming Club – we stick together! We encourage each other, we help each other, we volunteer for each other, we step forward when things need to be done. Our 2019 carnival was the perfect example of our wonderful club spirit. And it’s not just the club members who show this spirit; it’s our spouses, partners, children, family, friends, even prospective members; we all do it. Even the duck pitches in. Thank you for sticking together. Here are a few pictures to prove it.
Thanks, Maria for helping on the BBQ
Jose Sutton
Thank, Jose Sutton for those coconut topped cakes that everyone went crazy over!
Thanks, to Ava and Liam for handing out food to the officials
Thanks, Anne McLeod (the voice of Campbelltown) for being the announcer